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Methodical Concept

The Master's program Educational Management aims at acquiring holistic decision-making skills for management tasks in the field of education. The participants have already acquired professional competence and pedagogical skills in their initial training and/or through their professional activities. In addition, a considerable proportion of them already have leadership experience.

Against the background outlined here, a methodical-didactic architecture was developed to enable the acquisition of leadership competence through holistic, action- and process-oriented learning. This is done largely self-directed. Study contents and teaching/learning methods must offer sufficient leeway to enable fine-tuning to the professional biography and individual professional practice of a demanding and highly inhomogeneous group of participants.

Within the framework of the Master's program Educational Management, the methodical approach has a dual function: On the one hand, of course, it is a matter of conveying e.g. business objectives and contents, such as budgeting and cost accounting. In addition to this content side, however, there is the task of teaching and learning methodical competence. By learning and working in the context of the blended learning architecture, the (prospective) education managers themselves experience a new learning culture "at first hand" and have the opportunity to reflect on it.

The program uses three different levels of learning: Learning in practice, self-learning and transfer phases as well as attendance phases. In the context of the overall methodical architecture described, a large number of different methodical elements are used. The following figure shows an overview of the methodical-didactic architecture and selected methods.

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