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Organisation of the Program

The study is carried out in a sequence of self-study phases, compact attendance phases and transfer phases. The students can organize the majority of the study tasks individually, in the attendance phases they work in constant study groups.

Attendance Phases

Once a month, i.e. up to 5 times a semester, students work and learn in compact attendance phases at the PH Ludwigsburg together with study partners and lecturers. This attendance phase lasts 3 to 4 days and takes place at weekends.

1st semester: 3 days - 3 days - 3 days - 3 days - 4 days
2nd semester: 4 days - 4 days - 3 days - 4 days
3rd semester: 4 days - 3 days - 3 days - 4 days - 4 days
4th semester: 4 days

Total: 53 days of attendance.

The concrete dates for the next course can be found here (after completion of the current planning).

Self-study Phases

In the self-study phases you prepare the contents of the study materials that are available for you (e.g. study letters, business games, lead texts or case studies) at your own pace. The only phases that are mandatory are the attendance phases.

With internet-supported teaching and learning processes, you work on results in virtual learning groups, discuss questions in forums, work on individual tasks, exchange learning experiences online and you are in contact with your study group.

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