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What our Alumni say

Before applying for the Master‘s program Education Management, I weighed up the pros and cons for a long time; because the time resources required for studying, the demands of the program and the personal challenges were made very transparent; it was not an easy decision to "opt for" it. However, many discussions with colleagues, my partner and of course personal considerations confirmed my desire to start a second course of study while working. Today, almost two years later, it was definitely the right decision that I did: Learning together in a small group, gaining insights into various (educational) areas through my fellow students and working together with dedicated and professional lecturers enabled me to broaden my horizons and look far beyond my own box. Today I hold a management position in my own institution: I am the assistant principle of a secondary school. Without the expertise from the course, I probably wouldn't have dared take the step of applying for it. The Master's degree laid the foundation for my daily work - but the (lifelong) learning continues.


Anna Schuhmann
Sandhofenschule, Secondary School, Mannheim

The Master‘s program Education Management made me strong. The skills I have acquired over the two years have encouraged me to continue working as a leader and to pursue my goals. Today, I am in exactly the position I wanted! It has also made me strong when it comes to difficult decisions and conflicts. I now have a completely different standing. During my studies I gained insights into various areas of the educational sector, both scientifically founded through reading and very practically through learning by difference and conversing with the other students over coffee and biscuits. That inspired me and gave me many ideas, at the same time it also showed me which priorities I would like to set. The fact that I switched from the public service to the private sector was most certainly due to the many conversations with my fellow students from various fields. A few years later, I realize that I still benefit most from the "Coaching" module. Of the other modules, the seemingly boring topics stuck with me. Cost and performance accounting, quality management with ISO and other standards as well as details on human resources. I certainly apply my marketing knowledge most of all - but I already liked this area before the program. To what extent have I changed as a person/personality? An "education manager" awareness has developed, i.e. a professional self-confidence. Like most people, I came to my first position in education management as a career changer - and I also felt like a career changer. This has changed due to my extensive involvement with the various areas of the profession. I understood that as an education manager you are a jack-of-all-trades - and that the work we do is absolutely valuable.


Kristina Schimmeyer
CEO Private Language Institute Treffpunkt Bamberg GmbH

The Education Management program has made me fitter on two levels. On the one hand, my spectrum of management and leadership skills has expanded, so that I benefit from it in my daily consulting and coaching practice. On the other hand, I have made progress in all aspects of management and corporate responsibility for a training company. This is now reflected in my own consulting organization.

One focus of my work is to support companies and specialist departments in their conceptual work. For example, I advised the compliance office of a large German research institution on its program planning. In a creative process, five suitable formats were created, which are now submitted to the Executive Board and represent a significant further development of the program. I used many models of the 1:1 program.

Thanks to all participants for this successful Master‘s program.


Oliver König
König Consulting 

Studying Education management in Ludwigsburg - nothing better could happen to me for my vocational practice! Above all, learning by the difference and the exchange with fellow students from the different fields make this course of studies incomparable and very valuable for me. Also the attendance phases are methodically, didactically and content-wise on the height of the time. The view of self-education and self-reflection was and is very helpful for many upcoming decisions. In addition, the focus was always on the transfer into one's own practice. So it was possible for me to implement something directly on site in every field.


Steffen Heckele
Principal Paul-Lechler-School, Böblingen

Sometimes it takes a little longer! As a single mother, I was able to qualify myself by studying in the Master’s program Educational Management so that I could now, nine years after my studies, accept a leading position in vocational training at the vhs Reutlingen. Without my studies I never would have gotten this job.

Since the birth of my two children, it was absolutely clear to me that I wanted to get ahead professionally and qualify with the Master‘s degree in Education Management. I can only recommend this to everyone. Today all contents help me to fulfill my leadership tasks and also the conceptual tasks. It is a lot of fun to put theory into practice. Above all, coaching is a real gain for self-reflection and self-management.

Evelyn Koch
Head of Department Vocational Education
Volkshochschule Reutlingen gGmbH

Caroline Schwarz

i-KoBi Institut for Communication und Education GmbH, Coach

Efthymios Vlahos

Bergschule Wilferdingen-Singen
Head of Department Werkrealschule

Benjamin Lachat

City Council Baden-Württemberg
Head of Department III

I like to remember our pilot course very much. For me it was one of the best decisions of my professional life. In retrospect I can say with absolute belief that - now after more than 10 years – after finishing my Master’s program Education Management, I came back stronger, more competent and dared to take two major professional development steps (vhs Moers - Kamp-Lintfort, NRW, and now vhs Heidelberg), which I was able to cope well with. There were and are many basics from Education Management in it. Even today, I am still happy to recommend the Master’s program to others.


Silke Reck
Headmaster Volkshochschule Heidelberg
(Alumna of the first Education Management course in 2003-2005)

Five years after studying Education Management, I am still highly satisfied with the effects of the course. Already during my studies, I was able to implement many of the contents and tools into my day-to-day work life thanks to the intensive practical transfer. The perspectives offered and the qualitative and practical discussions not only helped me to optimize the structures within my institution, but have since also formed the foundation for reflecting on and constantly expanding my own leadership role. A must for every Head of Institution!


Jochen Kulczynski
Division Manager Municipal Youth Work, City of Kitzingen

Through my studies, I was able to optimize my everyday professional life, sharpen my focus on the essentials and develop personally: comprehensive, coherent, application-oriented knowledge, scientific methodical competence, communication skills, networking, professional exchange. And last but not least: A recent degree and the presentation of the Master's certificate convey a good deal of self-confidence - essential for the survival of women in management positions.


Anja Huber
Head of Academic Advanced Training (ZWW), University of Education Ludwigsburg

I must say quite clearly: without my studies of Education Management, I would not have had what it takes to cope with the school management task (...) and to stay healthy at the same time.


Ina Berger, M.A.
Principal Elementary School Beiertheim, Karlsruhe

In any case, it's a worthwhile course of study. Especially the basic principle of "learning by difference" should not be underestimated in its effect. For students with less experience in the field of management, certainly very extensive, the course offers an impressive overview of the announced topics for somewhat experienced students and leads in a pleasant way to a completion and consolidation of existing management knowledge. The course is simply fun, inspiring and provides an overview of the current status of the subject areas. A very good tool for future management tasks!


Joachim Gluma, Dipl. Biol., M.A. Education Management
Associate Division Manager, Data Center (Insurance)

For me, the Master’s program Education Management was a career leap to a new position. And as Head of the Talent Center at Zeppelin University, I now look after the careers of our students myself.


Wolfgang Link, M. A.
Head of Department, ARD.ZDF medienakademie

Very competent lecturers ... a concept that is demanding in terms of content and optimally adapted to the current practice of an education manager ... an impressive wealth of experience of all fellow students who come from the most diverse areas of education ... and thus enable a lively exchange and a varied change of perspective ... and ... I would do it again!


Friedemann John M.A.
Director Human Resources Development & Training, Airport Stuttgart GmbH

I have never had the chance to learn like this in my life. The preparation of the learning material, the competent, personal support of the university team, the coaching and the cohesion of the students, that was unique.

I would’t want to miss the time of this study in my life!


Beate Gröne, M.A.
Consultant of Family Policy of the Diocese Rottenburg-Stuttgart

Just over a week back into work I think back very positively to the four days of the attendance phase of the Master’s program. What impresses me is the practical relevance of the many contents, inputs and discussions. Again and again I end up reflecting my own work. For me, this is an important indication that the course meets my current needs and is designed to be demand-oriented.

Dr. Mark Achilles, M. A.
Branch Manager of the Bildungswerk Munich

Der zentrale Vorteil des Studiengangs Bildungsmanagement ist der permanent installierte Perspektivenwechsel. Dadurch wird die Fähigkeit des Einzelnen gestärkt, Instrumente und Tools wie auch Ideen zu transferieren.


Jürgen Schatz, M. A.
Team Leader Commercial Advanced and Online-Training, IHK-Bodensee-Oberschwaben-Weingarten

What impressed me most in the two years of studying was how intensive the contact with all the lecturers was. Excellent lecturers and the combination of theory with my own professional practice enabled me to gain a great deal of experience.


Sabine Conrad, M. A.
Ministry of Education, Stuttgart

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