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FAQ: Part-time Studying

You are  interested in the part-time Master's program in Education Management here at the University of Education? We are pleased to hear that! The decision of whether or not taking up such a course of study is not easy and you will certainly ask yourself many questions - on this page we will provide you with a few answers.

The director of the academic program Prof. Müller presents the course of studies in a video (German):

Is the Master's program suitable for me?

This question is not easy to answer.
Our recommendation: Please read the detailed information on the program on our website and/or request an information folder (in German).

Can I get personal advice?

Of course, we will also be happy to provide you with personal advice. Simply make an appointment for a personal consultation.
A special opportunity to get an idea of our study program are our "trial lessons" which take place from time to time. Here you have the opportunity to attend a class with one of our current courses.

How much are the Tuition and Fees?

The tuition and fees for the part-time study program currently total to 2,200 EUR per semester, plus the contribution to the student union, an administration fee and a contribution to the student body (currently a total of 203.40 EUR). In addition, there are personal expenses for travel, accommodation and additional literature.
For other study programs, examination fees are often charged - this is not the case for us.

How many attendance days will there be?

53 days, spread over 15 attendance phases. The attendance phases are of different duration, usually Fri/Sat/Sun, occasionally we already start on a Thursday. On Sundays (except for the first one) only half a day is scheduled.

The dates for the 17th year (start October 2019) can already be found here...

What's the time table during the presence phases?

On the first day of the presence phases, we start at 11:00am and end at 7:30 pm. On the other days class starts at 9:00am and ends at 5:30pm, on Sundays we end at 12:30pm (with one exception).

What are the academic performance and examination requirements?

The course is divided into 14 content modules, each of which consists of a mix of attendance phases at the PH Ludwigsburg, self-study phases at home and transfer phases in work contexts. academic performances are to be achieved in all three phases. A module examination must be taken in 8 modules. Various forms of examination are used (e.g. homework, oral examination, project). In the last semester you will write your Master's thesis.

An overview of the modules can be found here.

Which possibilities do I have to select or enrich certain topics?

After imparting basic knowledge, with which each module starts, you will receive a wide range of offers to enrich your own topics. You can influence which topics you want to deal with more intensively. The tasks in the attendance phases link up with your direct professional and work field and are specifically aimed at your individual learning needs. Within the framework of the Master's thesis, you will intensively and thoroughly work on a selected (research) question.

What are the requirements for admission?

The discussions and the exchange among the students live and profit from the practical experience. For this reason, at least two years of professional experience are required (at least one year in education). Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or any uncertainties!

When is the part-time Master's program Education Management worthwhile?

In addition to the demands of a career and family, taking on the demands of a course of study requires a previously considered goal: The Master‘s program Education Management imparts comprehensive competences for all those who want to professionally fulfill a leading and formative task in educational institutions or educational projects. We know from a retention study of graduates that the study program has a significant positive effect on their own career, on professional reorientation or on expanding their skills in their existing area of responsibility.

Whether or not the course is "worthwhile" depends on the individual's personal goal. In all previous courses, the drop-out rate was very low. For several hundred education managers one can conclude: the part-time Master‘s program Education Management is, by any means, worthwhile!

Where do the attendance phases in the Master's program Education Management take place?

The studies take place in the rooms of the PH Ludwigsburg. The S-Bahn stop "Favoritepark" can be reached by foot in a few minutes, there is sufficient parking available. The PH Ludwigsburg cooperates with a state guesthouse, which is also located on the campus. Here a limited number of inexpensive overnight accommodations are available (map).

Who are the lecturers?

The course is taught by professors and academic staff of the Institute of Educational Management as well as lecturers from other organizations.

What is the Selection Process like?

A description of the selection process can be found here. (German).

What can I do with a Master‘s degree in Education Management?

Our Master's program is broadly based and provides practice-oriented content on leadership work in educational institutions. Not all of our graduates are looking for a new job with a Master's degree in their hands, but many use the program for professional reorientation. Examples include applying for a management position, professional reorientation or taking the step into self-employment. In addition, our graduates emphasize the positive effect the program had on their personal development. Would you like to know more about the contents? Then take a look at the module manual here.

I always read about "Learning by Difference". What is meant by that?

"Learning by Difference" is one of the basic philosophies of the program. Each course group brings together students from different fields: adult education, school and in-company education/business. This combination provides exciting and enriching discussions and makes it easier to look beyond your own institution's horizons.

Why should I study Educational Management in Ludwigsburg?

Our course of studies is the longest established course of studies on the subject of education management. The 16th course group is now studying with us. Our students benefit from the wealth of experience built up during this time and the grown network of our alumni.

How can Studies and Family be reconciled?

It is challenging - but feasible, as the following video of a student shows… (German).

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