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Visionary and Effective Management

Educational institutions from early childhood education to schools and universities, from in-firm training and off-the-job and further training to general adult education are currently confronted with permanently changing challenges. To cope with these challenges, modern, visionary and effective management is required rather than bureaucratic administration.  

The accredited Master's program in Education Management offers answers to these challenges. It combines scientific findings with application-oriented management concepts. In addition, it creates a framework for reflecting on one's own professional practice, getting to know other perspectives and developing new ideas and approaches.

In line with the motto "Learning by difference", participants from industry, schools, adult education and many other educational organizations qualify for management and leadership tasks in this two-year part-time study program. The main focus here is on acquiring and broadening leadership and management skills by holistic, self-controlled learning, which is closely matched with ones own professional practice and vocational biography.  

The degree program is aimed at managers, junior managers and employees in all fields of education. It offers an academic degree recognized throughout Europe, which supports both career development in the previous occupational field and positioning in new fields.

The Master's program is aimed at:  

  • Managing Directors, Heads, Deputy Heads, Department Heads and Employees in Adult Education Institutions  
  • School principals, deputy school principals, employees in steering committees and teachers with school development tasks  
  • Personnel managers, deputy personnel managers and employees in personnel departments / personnel development
  • Managing Directors, Heads, Deputy Heads, Heads of Departments and Employees in Health Care Institutions
  • Leaders, deputy leaders and skilled workers from institutions of early childhood education and extracurricular youth work
  • Training managers, trainers and specialist trainers for ties, from in-firm training and off-the-job and further training
  • Heads, deputy heads, department heads, lecturers from industry-specific education facilities, Heads and skilled employees of higher education institutions
  • Project managers, team leaders and employees in educational associations, network projects and non-governmental organizations (NGOs)
  • Managers and specialists in administrative educational institutions (school administration, ministries)  
  • Managers, deputy managers and skilled employees of personnel service companies or management consultancies
  • Freelance lecturers, trainers, consultants or coaches  
  • Municipal Education Managers 
At a glance
Master of Arts (M.A.)

4 semesters, part-time, further education.

First university degree, at least two years professional experience (of which at least one year in education).

Application Period:
Annual – from May 1st to May 31st

Start of Studies:
Winter semester (October 1st)

Tuition and Fees:
2,200 EUR per semester plus student union, administration and student body fees.

Additional costs for accommodation, meals and travel during the attendance phases must be taken into account.

Structure and Methodology:  Part-time study concept in blended learning format; diverse learning methods in presence, self-study and transfer phases as well as professional support by experienced coaches.
More about the methodical structure 

The course of studies consists of 14 modules
More about the study modules (German)

The course has a scope of 90 ECTS.

The accredited course of studies education management exists since 2003 and has so far over 350 successful graduates.
Opinions on the program

To the point:
Our brochure contains all important information. (in German)

Detailed information:
You can find out even more about the program in the detailed documentation on the introduction of the Master's program in Education Management (Müller, Schweizer, Wippermann 2008).

The Educational Management program (Master's programme and contact course) is the result of an initiative by the Baden-Württemberg Foundation. It is supported by the PH Ludwigsburg with the Anbieterverbund Bildungsmanagement.

Presentation of the Master's program:

The head of the Master's program Prof. Müller presents the course of studies in a video: (in German)

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